Welcome at DeltaS Appartmani

DeltaS Appartmani stands on Island Rab in beautifull Croatia.
A Island with blue clear water, endless meters of coast, playing delphins,....
Sun Sea and beautifull Beaches, so you can enjoy your holliday all saisons long.

DeltaS Appartmani stands in approx. 2km distance from Town Rab.
The Island Rab is part of the nothern group Adriatic Islands in the Bay of Kvarner.
The island lies under the mountain Velebit, the high Dinaric Mountainmassif.
This guarantees the whole year through arrival of fresh and clean Air from this Kontinent, heaten to a enjoyable mediteranic temperture.

In the house there is a elevator free to use for all guests.

The house has a heated OUTSIDE Pool with beautiful view to the Adriatic Sea
and there is also a heated INSIDE pool with lifter and watermassage.

All Studio have Airconditioning.

When you arrive at DeltaS Appartmani, you are going to be welcomed by Dick Spijkerman.